[EF #8] Hey Icetea!

Hey you!

Yea, you, the 17 years old Isti. Or should I called you icetea, huh? Yea, it’s the name you’ve created. Looks like all the teenagers have their own “alay” name. And you, you chose icetea, heheh. Such a good nickname I thought 😀

Icetea, please go on being you. I know that you still crazy about him, your first crush from junior high school. How long it has been? 5 years? Waw! Be patient for about 5 years again, will you? I just want you to keep those feeling until you’ve married. Is it him you will be marrying, you say? No, I won’t tell you who is my (or your) husband now. I’ll keep it a secret, heheh. The most important is: I am so happy now, so stay the same, stay be whatever you wanted to be.

Actually, I want you to do a lot of things when you are in the college later, such as apllying for scholarship or going somewhere new. But do whatever you wanted to do. As long as you’re happy, it will bring you to be me right now. The happy mother of cute little girl and a happy wife of a handsome (and anime look?) family man. xp

Good luck for whatever you will do this year. For your exam, SNMPTN, and PORDA (waw, it’s quite a busy year for you). Just remember to stay healthy, both your body and mind. Just take it easy. Keep going on satisfying your father. He want the best for you. If you still wanted to take an intensive lesson at NF, just go on. Ask your parents to still allowing you to take that intensive course.

But, if they ask you to stop KEMPO, please say NO, not now. You’ll find the right time to stop it, so please keep doing it until you find that right time 🙂 Don’t forget to prove that you can handle your study and Kempo. In your state now, I believe you can 😉

Remember one thing. There is always Allah beside you! Thanks for being yourself all this time. Thanks for giving me such a happy life right now.

I love you :*

BEC’S #8 Weekly Challenge. First time doing challenge in BEC 😀

3 thoughts on “[EF #8] Hey Icetea!

  1. I was going to comment about your post Mba. But I kept scrolling and then I stumble upon your short profile. You are his wife???? Ahhhh.
    Pak Ilman Akbar is one of my fav’s bloggers. And then I remember his challenge where he mentioned you. I am so happy meeting his inspiration in writing here.
    *kalau gak di tempat umum, saya dah loncat2an nih*

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